Microvision Awarded $750,000 Contract to Develop High-Definition Prototype Display Engine for the U.S. Army

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Microvision, Inc. (Nasdaq: MVIS), announced today that it has been awarded a $750,000 contract by Battelle Chapel Hill Operations as prime contractor for the U.S. Army, to develop and demonstrate a prototype of its PicoP projection display engine capable of delivering high-definition 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). This new display would more than double the resolution of Microvision's current WVGA (848 x 480 pixels) PicoP display engine while still maintaining its ultra-miniature form factor. This contract represents the second customer in the last two months to enter into an agreement with the Company to develop a high definition PicoP based display application.

The Army is interested in developing high resolution capabilities from a tiny projection display engine to support future development of high-definition wearable displays for soldiers, as well as future mobile projectors for wireless hand-held devices, including mobile phones. Under the 12-month development contract, Microvision will deliver a demonstration prototype of the high-definition PicoP display engine to the Army.

According to Alexander Tokman, Microvision president and CEO, "It is not a secret that higher resolution devices yield richer viewing experience, and nowhere is this more relevant than in military applications where rapid processing of information-rich content could improve the situational awareness and safety of soldiers. The work performed under this contract is synergistic with our PicoP technology maturation roadmap. We are already able to deliver a WVGA PicoP display engine for consumer and military applications, and now with funding from the Army we have the opportunity to advance our proprietary PicoP platform to the next levels of performance without compromising its small footprint."

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Microvision provides the PicoP display technology platform designed to enable next-generation display and imaging products for Pico projectors, vehicle displays, and wearable displays that interface with mobile devices. The company also manufactures and sells its bar code scanner product line which features the company's proprietary MEMS technology.

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    Source: Microvision, Inc.