Microvision Showcases New Pico Projector Display Engines for Mobile Devices at Society of Information Display Annual Conference


Microvision, Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS), a global leader in innovative ultra-miniature projection display and image capture products for mobility applications, announced today that it plans to unveil new advancements in its proprietary ultra-miniature display system, called PicoP, at the Society of Information Display (SID) annual conference in Long Beach, California, May 22 - 25, 2007. Microvision expects to showcase multiple projector model prototypes representing the recent PicoP advancements it has made in collaboration with several of the Company's high volume manufacturing and key component supply chain partners.

For the first time Microvision plans to demonstrate a PicoP projection system based on its newly developed wide-angle MEMS scanner. The wide-angle MEMS based PicoP projector has nearly twice the projection angle compared to earlier versions, creating a full-color image with a viewable area that is approximately four times as large and that diagonally is almost twice as long as images created by its predecessors, while still maintaining its small and sleek form factor. The new PicoP prototype delivers WVGA resolution (854 x 480 pixels) in a 16:9 aspect ratio, thereby providing a DVD-quality viewing experience from a package that is expected to be only 7 mm thick.

"We learned a great deal about the potential usage models for PicoP based projectors after polling our customers through direct user focused studies," stated Alexander Tokman, President and CEO of Microvision. "This customer feedback led us to the development of the new device that is expected to provide an enhanced user experience without compromising the original tiny form factor and low power requirements."

"The wide-angle PicoP display reflects a significant advancement since the Consumer Electronics show in January," continued Tokman. "It demonstrates a continuous advancement of the PicoP technology and a design that is flexible enough to incorporate laser light sources from multiple global supply chain partners."

About PicoP:

PicoP is an ultra-miniature projector capable of producing large, high contrast, color rich, high resolution images. It is expected to be small and low-power enough to be embedded directly into mobile devices, such as cell phones. Its "infinite focus" operation naturally lends itself to mobile applications. PicoP is being developed to address a large market opportunity that derives from consumers' desire for a better viewing experience than currently is available from traditional small displays on mobile devices. Other potential display applications include tiny projectors embedded into or used as accessory displays for mobile devices such as personal media players, gaming devices, laptops, DVD players and digital cameras. The company is also seeking to leverage the PicoP into vehicle displays, including automotive and aerospace head-up displays, as well as wearable full-color displays designed as fashionable eyewear.

About Microvision: www.microvision.com

Microvision provides a display technology platform designed to enable next generation display and imaging products for pico projectors, vehicles displays, and wearable displays that interface to mobile devices. The company also manufactures and sells its bar code scanner product line which features the company's proprietary MEMS technology.

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Source: Microvision, Inc.